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Bel-Air Camper Shells
9871 Garden Grove Blvd
Garden Grove, Ca 

ph: (714) 534 -1373

Financing Available
Up front prices that are easy to find and listed on our website. 
We appreciate your business and will work hard to earn it!

This list is NOT accurate based on several factors, but the main one is supply chain etc..   
**  8-different types of shell clamps or j-hooks to keep your shell on your truck.
**  Gas shocks for your rear door in:  11" 12" 13" 15" 17" and 18".   (we can get other sizes)
**  Gas shocks for your tonneau-cover in:  20" and 27".    (we can get other sizes)
**  Locking handles for most Camper-shells. Center-lock or Dual-lock.  (some center locks need to be ordered)
**  Locks for most Tonneau-covers.  (if not in stock we can usually get in a couple of days)
**  Misc brackets to install or repair most Tonneau-covers.
**   Seal tapes for under a camper-shell or side window.
**  Replacement side windows or just glass replacement for camper shells.  (some in stock)
**  Replacement complete rear shell door or glass only.  (by order. usually takes only a few days)
**  Boot-collar material for the front of your camper shell.
**  Accordion-boot material for the front of your camper shell.
**  12-Volt interior lights for camper shells and tonneau covers.  (low profile. high out-put.) 
**  Electrical connectors and plugs.
**  Replacement brake-lights for most camper shells.
Quality is our first concern and has always been. Right after that is our thought about prices. We feel that a business should watch its overhead and not be wasteful with their money. If a business has a high overhead it also has high prices. Those costs are covered by their customers paying a higher price from them.  You will always get a fair price at Bel-Air Shells.  Guaranteed.

Customer Service 

When we speak with you on the phone or see you in-person at Bel-Air Shells it will either be Jeff Brown or one of his trusted employees. We are a small business focused on customer service..

Camper, Truck Shell and Tonno-Covers Experts 

 We have focused on Camper-Shells and Tonno-Covers for more than 25-years. We are experts within Truck & SUV accessories campers, truck shells and tonno-covers.

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