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Some 2011 and newer vehicles have started using pearl effect colors in very limited cases.
If this is you PLEASE read below.

Some of the manufactures out there have attempted to match these without going the extra mile. What they have realized is that there is no guarantee of a good result and you have to live with it.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work.
To do these colors right you need to do them by the book and take the extra steps.  
(there is no shortcut)

Besides spending extra time spraying there is also an extra cost for materials.
In my opinion you can either roll the dice with a free stab at it (that's how some look at it) or you can pay a little extra for the closest match possible.
So far there are only a couple of colors that each truck manufacture use and you should be able to tell or ask your salesman.
At Bel-Air Camper Shells we do not make the decision for you. We try to give you all the information that we have learned over the last 30-years. By doing this hopefully you can make an informed decision and are happy with the product that you end up with.
After all a good Camper Shell or Tonneau Cover should outlast your pickup truck each and every time.
Thank You for your time and please take this information above to heart.
Even if you do not buy your Camper Shell or Tonneau Cover from Bel-Air Shells I hope our website was helpful.
Jeff Brown @ Bel-Air Shells     (714) 534-1373
Quality is our first concern and has always been. Right after that is our thought about prices. We feel that a business should watch its overhead and not be wasteful with their money. If a business has a high overhead it also has high prices. Those costs are covered by their customers paying a higher price from them.  You will always get a fair price at Bel-Air Shells.  Guaranteed.

Customer Service 

When we speak with you on the phone or see you in-person at Bel-Air Shells it will either be Jeff Brown or one of his trusted employees. We are a small business focused on customer service..

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 We have focused on Camper-Shells and Tonno-Covers for more than 25-years. We are experts within Truck & SUV accessories campers, truck shells and tonno-covers.

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